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  • SPORT STOCK, Finkenberg

  • SPORT STOCK, Finkenberg

  • SPORT STOCK, Finkenberg

  • SPORT STOCK, Finkenberg

  • SPORT STOCK, Finkenberg

  • SPORT STOCK, Finkenberg

  • SPORT STOCK, Finkenberg

Service SPORT STOCK, Finkenberg


Striving for innovation, always being one step ahead, foreseeing the future and helping to shape it - this has set WINTERSTEIGER apart for decades. With the new generation of Jupiter machines, we take you on a journey into a new ski service universe, where many innovative features perfect ski service: e.g. variable V-Edge edge processing for the perfect skiing experience, digital solutions and much more.

Tried and tested products such as the Ceramic Disc Finish or the "Paternoster" - the most efficient ski magazine on the market - have been retained or further developed.


The innovative ultimate for edge processing! The edge is sanded at variable angles in the front and rear areas and constant in the middle. And that on the lower edge and the side edge. V-Edge works in the same way as the three performance categories provided for in Tune Pilot with tried and tested parameters, without any loss of time and optionally with automatic ski recognition. Perfect edge grip and easy turning of the ski are no longer a contradiction in terms - for the ultimate skiing experience. V-Edge is available for the disc module and the polishing module.

Come with us, get to know the Jupiter with its many innovations and technical refinements, discover a new ski service universe!

Tariff Ski- / Board Service



Ski/Board waxing


Ski Service small
(Sand the side and bottom edges, structure sanding, waxing)


Ski Service professional
(Service small PLUS Mending the base, sanding the base)


Stock Premium Service
(Service professional PLUS Precision, variable edge angles for both base and side edges for payful swings, tuning)
Snowboard Service small
(Sand the side and bottom edges, structure sanding, wax and tune)


Snowboard Service professional
(Mending the base, sanding the side and bottom edges, sanding the base, structure sanding, waxing and tuning)

from 47,00

Electronic binding test


 Prices in Euro

Boot fitting for your perfect Ski Boots


With the help of the flowmould station, fitting the sole is made much easier. Regardless of whether you are an experienced boot fitter or an apprentice in the first year of training - thanks to the flowmould technology, everyone can manufacture a perfectly adapted sole.

The customer stands on the machine and can follow each of the individual adjustment steps live on the integrated tablet:

1) First, the sole is connected to the machine and heated directly in the core. That makes the sole soft and flexible
2) After the warm-up phase, the soft sole is pressed against the customer's arch from below using a gel cushion
3) The gel cushion is filled with a cooling liquid that also cools the sole during the adjustment

In less than five minutes, the customer has his perfectly fitted sole. An immense time saver for customers and salespeople.


The special flowmould soles were developed in collaboration with specialists in sports orthopedics. The soles are prefabricated by hand, layer by layer. Depending on the area in which the sole is used, up to seven precisely matched components are connected to form a sole.

While a sole for dynamic movements, such as running, requires less flex (bending resistance), insoles for static movements, such as skiing, have a completely different requirement on the sole structure. That is why our flowmould soles are available in five different degrees of flex and with five different upper materials: merino, micro leather, comfort top, bamboo and mesh.